Felicia Fahey

Executive Board Member

Felicia Fahey

Felicia is the proud mom of 2 girls Kirsi aged 11 and Tiffany aged 8 and refers to them as her greatest accomplishments. She is a proud Hockey and Dance Mom!!! She resides in her hometown of Chelmsford where she has lived most of her life. She is an employee at the Onaping LCBO just north of Sudbury and has worked for the LCBO for the last 14 years.

Felicia has been an activist with OPSEU since merging in 2005; she is President of Local 681 LBED and is the Chair of the Education and Communication Committee within her sector. Felicia is on the Divisional Executive of the Liquor Board Employees Division and is the first member of the division to be on the OPSEU Executive Board.

Felicia has been involved with The Sudbury Area council, she has been a mobilzer with NUPGE, an active member of the In Solidarity committee, the editor of the award winning “Northern Booze News”, Felicia was Chair of the LBED EAP Committee and is a trained union counsellor, she is a trained facilitator with both OPSEU and the LCBO, Felicia was on the LBED Strike Prep team and has been very active in her community with both politics and athletics.

Felicia brings a zestful spirit to the Board and is hoping to make some positive changes with her upbeat outlook. She believes you that are never too old to learn and that we should listen to our “seasoned” activists who have been there and done that, but also seek out the new ideas that are coming from the junior ranks. Working together is the key to getting things done in our region and our union as a whole.

Felicia is looking forward to the challenges that this position offers and is looking forward to working for the members to get ensure they are safe, treated fairly, given information, responded to and backed up. She believes in the golden rule “treat others as you want to be treated” and ensures she will treat each member with that in mind!!!!