Message from PHRC

Apr 08, 2013

Hello brother and sisters, bonjours confreres et consoeurs,

Thank you everyone for all your love and support this past weekend at regionals, in Sudbury, as I was acclaimed a two year term as your Region 6 Povincial Human Rights Committee representative. I am extremely honoured to serve this strong and unique region, this time around, for a full term and promise to work very hard in my capacity.

I want to congratulate all the nominees who put themselves forward for an equity committee, and am looking forward to working with you all!

We all did a great job at the Bear Pit and thank you to those who put forward your excellent questions. I had never experienced such a platform for discussion and am greatful for having shared that opportunity with such a fine group of like minded members, all whom had something valuable to offer!  I look very much forward to working with you all!

Congratulations to Kevin Herbert, Shawna Weston and Daniel Bisson!

I want to reiterate what are my intentions are for over these next two years. Having gotten comfortable in this role, understanding better my responsibilities, I am ready to do some serious work.

One of my goals is to continue building capacity within our service areas getting those members interested in areas of Human Rights, so to increase education and awareness amongst our members brining people together, celebrating our differences and making for a stronger united union.

I will continue to provide access to a wealth of resources and useful tips and tools regarding Human Rights both on our Regiom 6 website PHRC page, ad well at at each service area Regional offices.

I will work alongside our EBMs so to continue the efforts being made to include OPSEU courses at our Educationals specific to the topic of Equity.

I will work hard to ensure we put on another relevant and successful Human Rights conference next spring, and would encourage you all to submit an application to attend.

J will strongly represent our union at both the NUPGE and CLC  conferences and look forward to those networking and educational opportunities, so to ensure when I return I have an even stronger ability to represent our region and its member.

My first initiative will be to create a Region 6 PHRC Facebook page.  I am committed to getting more in touch with social media outlets as they are such an important and effective tool in our efforts to educate, create awareness and promote equity!

Please feel free to contact me via my email at as I welcome all your ideas, concerns and questions, in my best effort to represent and support you.

in the spirit of our communities, Jenny Craig